Cat Ladies, HomeGoods Got Your Back

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are you kitten me mug

In case you were wondering if HomeGoods has been slacking on their affinity for the cat ladies (otherwise known as “my people”), I’m happy to report that they’re not. I was just at the one near my house, and even on a Sunday night (by which time everything has been picked over, and pretty much all that’s left are the dregs), there were plenty of things for feline enthusiasts.

I’m trying to chill on new cat lady purchases, because I’m borderline #hoarderstatus right meow, but I deeply regret not getting the “Are You Kitten Me?” mug (she has lashes!) and kitty tea towels…

curious cats tea towel

cat lady mugs homegoods

meow spoon rest

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Happy Humpday!!!!!

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