10 Ways to Whiten the Eye Area

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Hi my beautiful ladies,

How have you all been doing? I have had an extremely hectic month with exams, internships and weddings, and the lack of sleep is clearly showing in the form of dark circles under my eyes. Not just physical exhaustion and lack of sleep, dark circles can occur for various other reasons and take the attention away from the beautiful features of your face. Also, some people face pigmentation on the lids or around the eyes. Today ,we shall tackle all those problems and come up with 10 ways to whiten area.

10 Ways to Whiten the Eye Area

Change the way you sleep

Sleeping at home

We all know that that dark circles, dark eye area and puffiness are all related to sleep so before we jump into home remedies, it is extremely important to correct the quantity and quality of your sleep. Always aim for a minimum of 8 hours of sleep for which not only will your dark circles but also your overall beauty and health will thank you.

Sleep on your back, elevating your head with one or more pillows. Gravity lets fluid build-up drain away. Remove your makeup before you sleep to prevent build-up and use a moisturising under eye cream and put on a sleep mask if necessary. Follow this religiously and see the dark areas whiten up in no time.

Go for internal whitening

A wise man said, “you are what you eat” and therefore to whiten the dark areas you need to correct your internal system first. Just like you look for vitamin C in your creams as a bleaching agent. Similarly, vitamin c is vitally important internally. Include plenty of green vegetables, fruits, and vitamins in your diet. Salty foods and alcohol cause extreme bloat, so when you cut these out, your skin will be able to rest easy without puffing up.

Plus, getting rid of bloat will ease your entire body, not just your eyes. Have a diet rich in iron and vitamin C. Food rich in iron will improve your haemoglobin content and reduce your dark circles. Vitamin C aids the absorption of iron by the body. Dried beans, dried fruits, eggs (especially egg yolks), iron-fortified cereals, liver, lean red meat, oysters, poultry, salmon, tuna, and whole grains are rich in iron. Include citrus fruits, tomatoes, peppers, melon, and spinach for vitamin C.

Moisturise, moisturise and repeat

You might think what connection does moisturisation have with dark eye area, but you would be surprised to find out that dryness and friction is often the major cause behind darkness around eyes. Therefore using a moisturising cream during daytime as well as before you hit the sack is extremely important. A good moisturising cream around the eyes will prevent thin and sagging skin. Also moisturise yourself internally by drinking plenty of water and fluids. Avoid substances that cause dehydration like fried food, cigarettes and alcohol.

An under-eye corrective cream is a must

Prevention is better than cure, and if the damage is already done then correction is the way to go. A lot of people think that under eye creams are only for the aged, but you are wrong. The goodness of under eye creams will help repair and whiten the dark skin around your eyes. Use under eye creams containing barrier-repairing oils like jojoba oil or sunflower oil. These prevent trans-epidermal water loss and help to repair the skin. Look for a cream containing vitamin c and vitamin k if you have dark circles.

Squeeze that tomato


Whitening can hardly be ever achieved without natural bleaching agents, therefore, tomatoes are a rescue in this case. As natural bleaching agents complete with antioxidants, it reduces discolouration and brightens and whitens the area around the eyes. All you need to do is extract tomato juice and mix ½ tsp of lemon juice and 2 tsp of gram flour to it. Apply the paste under the eyes and leave for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with cold water. Repeat this twice a day for astonishing results. You can also drink tomato juice with lemon juice on a daily basis to lighten your eye area.

Milk is the superfood

There was a reason why your mother was always telling you about the goodness of milk since you were a child. Not just internally, topically also, milk des wonders on your skin. Milk contains vitamins a and b6, which help build new skin cells also the vitamin b12 in milk naturally lightens dark skin.

Not only that, the selenium in milk protects skin from harmful free radicals and sun damage. All you need to do is just soak two cotton pads in cold milk and squeeze out excess. Place the cotton pads on the eyes covering the dark circles. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water. Repeat thrice a week, to find whitened eye area.

Slice that potato

potato slices

Whoever said that potato is bad for you, is lying. You just need to find the right way to use it. To get rid of the dark eye area, natural bleaching is the best remedy, therefore, potato juice comes to a rescue here. Potato contains natural bleaching property that can help to lighten your skin under your eyes as well as prevent puffiness around your eyes. All you need to do is to take chilled potatoes and grate them. Extract the juice in a bowl and soak cotton pads for a minute. Place them on your eyes for 20 minutes and wash off with normal water.

Oil it up

Oils have been the most under-used beauty product that is fast regaining its importance. Oils can do wonders for your skin, especially in dark, patchy areas. The simplest pack to make is by mixing one tablespoon of almond oil with lemon juice to lighten your eye area. Coconut oil is also extremely moisturising and contains vitamin e and antioxidants that help repair damaged skin cells and dryness. It also is rich in lactic acid that tightens skin. Before going to bed, apply extra virgin oil on the clean under-eye skin.

Massage gently in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction for a few minutes. Leave it overnight. Not only coconut oil, you can also argan oil for the goodness of it, not only for your hair but also for your skin. The vitamin e and tocopherols in argan oil replenish moisture in skin cells and reduce wrinkles by repairing the skin’s hydro-lipid layer. It also reduces fine lines and reduces the damage caused by the sun. Gently massage a few drops under eyes for a few minutes before sleeping. Leave it overnight and rinse in the morning.

Soothe and cool the eye area

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Puffiness, dryness and patchiness will only make your dark under eye problems worse, so the best way is to cool it out. The easiest method is to refrigerate steel spoons and put it on your eyes in the morning. Cold cucumber slices can also rescue you as it is loaded with antioxidants, is a natural astringent and coolant which causes skin tissues to contract. Leave it on your eyelids to get the maximum benefit. Cold tea bags can also help you in this regard.

The caffeine present in tea bags shrinks blood vessels and reduces fluid retention in tissues. This makes the skin around your eyes look vibrant and glowing. Cold tea bags cause skin tissues to shrink, leaving your eyes looking less puffy. Take two already soaked tea bags and refrigerate for 10 minutes. Remove and place them on each eye for 5 -10 minutes. Rinse with cold water and repeat 1-3 times a day to see effective results.

Make a minty mask

Not only does it make your breath fresh, this method will surely make your eyes fresh too. Mint leaves contain menthol that improves blood circulation and soothes and rejuvenates the skin. It is a natural astringent and contracts the blood vessels around the eyes, reducing the blue tint. The vitamin C in mint makes the skin around the eyes appear brighter. Make your own mask at home by blending mint leaves and applying them on the affected area. Leave it for 10 minutes before rinsing.

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