Travel Makeup Routine Using MyGlamm Products

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For ladies who use makeup regularly day in and day out, there are several experiences and opinions about multi functional products. Apart from all the personal favourites, the preference of the products differs with changing season, occasion and necessity of that specific moment. When it comes to traveling and having a baggage with minimum weight, we begin to look for multipurpose and multitasking products. With all these huge list of products on the dressing table, deciding what to pack in your must-have makeup travel kit and what all we can do without is stressful. Here I am sharing my Travel Makeup Routine Using MyGlamm Products.

To help you condense your makeup into a smart travel kit by MyGlamm – a cosmetics company, has launched multi-tasking cosmetics. With this, a range of new age makeup products are made easily available in India. MyGlamm makeup products look promising as their every product does more than one thing. Such multi-tasking products are best suited for travelling as it will help in carrying the bare minimum essentials.

With MyGlamm multi-tasking makeup products, one can stick to their travel makeup routine without any trouble. Such are the responsibilities of each of the MyGlamm innovative products. Sticking to the basic and quintessential travel makeup routine, here are few things to take note of to pack MyGlamm makeup products in your travel kit.


Beginning with face makeup, it begins with primer, concealer, foundation and finally setting with compact powder. These many products are definitely needed to build-up the coverage that is needed. Total Makeover FF Cream from MyGlamm is a palette that fuses primer, foundation, compact and concealer in one quick step. It also carries two corrector that has SPF30.

If you are an absolute face contouring freak, then Chisel It from MyGlamm is the right choice as it include 3 products in 1 package – blush, bronzer and highlighter.

The setting powder and loose shimmering highlighter are every body’s part of vanity. Glow to Glamour is a 2-in-1 fixing powder and highlighter duo that works in two simple steps.

Trendy eye shadows for eyes

Going for a multitude of eye shadow colors is simply out of question to carry while travelling. Bring along a pallete that has most trendy and matching shades for your travel outfits. MyGlamm All Eye Need eyeshadow palette has colors that will help you work with your eyes in a jiffy.

Waterproof mascara, kajal, eyeliner and brow powder

Travelling means, you are mostly occupied through the day, busy, fun filled, and sweaty due to the humidity. Carry waterproof mascara as it will stay smudge-free.

It is always a good idea to pack kajal and eyeliner in one sleek stick. MyGlamm Jet Set Eyes is a soft creamy kajal – eyeliner duo. One tube/stick performing the function of 2 other products is definitely a travel worthy product.

Grooming the brows is equally important as you line your waterline with kajal. MyGlamm Stay Defined is a pack of high definition brow powder and liquid eyeliner, an easy portable product.

Precise lip makeup using favourite lip products

Carrying a lip product with multi-tasking abilities is great idea as it is impossible to imagine precise lip make up without lip plumper, lip liner, lip color and lip gloss.

Perfect Curves is a matte lipstick and liner duo product that is just right to push into any vanity corner.

The more space you have to carry more lipcolors, more fun and enjoyment. For this, MyGlamm’s revolutionary product Color Fusion is the right choice. It allows lipgloss and lipstick in 3 different colors all in one pack.

Every product from MyGlamm is revolutionary and has the ability to do more than one responsibility. This way the company aims at providing multi-functional products that are super easy to carry and travel oriented.


Source: Travel Makeup Routine Using MyGlamm Products

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