The Summer Beauty Survival Kit

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Not that you need to add anything new to your Top Shelf (certainly not after this), but there’s something about a summer product revamp—it just feels fresh every damn time. Particularly while it’s still pouring rain in New York. Even with the inclement weather, the days are getting longer. Sunshine is imminent. Team ITG is making beach plans, gathering vacation ideas, and accepting donations for wardrobe refreshes. All for a good cause.

The time to push your heavy winter creams to the back and make room for some levity (both in the product and spiritual senses) is now. Don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun, and remember that humidity will do its best to ruin your mornings. Don’t let it! Here’s what you need:

Now that the air is essentially a shared humidifier for us all, lighter moisturizer should serve your skin perfectly fine. No need to feel like your compromising in the hydration department. In terms of water-weight, nothing beats La Roche-Posay’s oil-free emulsion. Feels like a serum without giving up any dermatologist-recommended efficacy. And fits in your travel bag. There’s 100% nothing wrong with it.

The thing is, you’re sweaty. So sweaty. Sweaty enough that you’re thinking about taking two showers a day—but you don’t because of water conservation. So instead, you invest in the 32 fl. oz. Eucalyptus version of good old Dr. Bronner’s. You’ll never run out, no matter how much you bathe. And that cooling scent will make you feel cleaner and calmer in less time.

Now that your bathroom is all fogged up with that delicious, minty smell, it is the perfect time to scrub everything dead and dying and unholy off your corporeal self. (That’s dry skin, leftover sunscreen, and anything else using you as a host in the meantime.) Make a weekly event of it and spring for the fancier-than-it-needs-to-be Aesop tube. Afterwards, your body will sparkle like a brand new penny.

Summer is hard on hair—the sun, the chlorine, the salt… It’s a season that deserves its own suite of hair masks. And ones that are all travel-sized and adorable. Davines’ new family of treatments each aim to take on a different issue, like pollution, salt-induced dullness, and scalp irritation. One size doesn’t fit all but they all do fit in your bag.

Once you’ve washed away all that sweat, why don’t you…get a deodorant instead of an antiperspirant? Just lean into it, you know? If you can’t fight it, simply mask it with Baxter’s very soapy, very classic deodorant scent. They call it citrus + herbal musk, we call it “Drugstore but make it fashion.”

All self-tanners really should come in continuous spray bottles with baby-fine mist that falls onto your body perfectly and doesn’t need to be rubbed in and dries instantly. Which is exactly what this Bioderma bottle offers, along with that French pharmacy charm. A literal spray tan in your bathroom in seconds.

Maintain the tan (real or fake) with a big ol’ pump bottle full of soothing gel cream. This one has a really comforting non-smell-smell, like when “clean” has a fragrance associated with it. It’s not obtrusive, but you’re really happy it’s there.

Did you know your nails needed lip gloss? No? Well, perfect! Let’s introduce you to Dior Nail Glow, like Lip Glow but for your nails. It’s also been called “an instant manicure” (when you’re looking for that shiny, buffed look) if you find that more appealing.

If you’re going to add one all-day, all-night, June-to-September, mood-setting, carry-everywhere makeup product to your summer routine, make it this Tom Ford delight. A dual-ended blush and bronzer cream stick, it’ll give you vacation vibes without the very expensive, time-consuming vacation that you don’t feel like planning. Add a lick of Lash Slick (doesn’t smudge, no matter how hot it gets) and consider your face finished.

Oh, OK—just one more makeup product. (Does it count if it’s called “No Makeup”?) This balmy tint gives the look of slightly sunburnt lips, but in a responsible, moisturized way. “My lips but better” is a little played out…but that’s what this is. Because that look is just so gosh darn easy to wear.

Summer calls for a white floral “scented water,” like this one. It’s tuberose, to be specific. This one is cut with a hint of sunscreen and neroli. Because this is ITG, after all. (Doesn’t hurt that it’s only $49 and smells like a million bucks.)

Photographed by Tom Newton.

Source: The Summer Beauty Survival Kit

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