5 Treatments to Treat Dad to This Year

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It’s almost Father’s Day! Whether your dad is a skincare fanatic or someone who doesn’t know the difference between a Swedish and a deep tissue massage, he deserves a spa day. Treat dad to the Spa and Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week, and then help him pick out the perfect treatment near you. He’ll love getting the time to relax. Men get can almost any service at any spa, but here are a few of our favorite options for Dad this Father’s Day.


Swedish Massage at The Skin & Body Bar in Sarasota, Florida $75


This classic massage is a good choice for anyone who’s never experienced a massage (or any spa treatment before). The Swedish massage is a good way to begin at the spa– and dads will love the relaxing experience. Make sure he knows that he can ask them to adjust the pressure based on his comfort level!


Gentlemen’s Facial at Red and White Spa – Prince Street in New York, New York $110


For the dad that is up for some skincare, the gentlemen’s facial at Red and White Spa is a great place to start. The treatment will help cleanse and hydrate his skin, while soothing any irritations or blemishes on the skin.


Pedicure at Aveda Nelson J Salon in Beverly Hills, California $55


If you can convince your dad to get a pedicure, DO IT. Pedicures are a crucial part of anyone’s beauty routine, and if you’ve never gotten one before, you’re missing out. Remind dad that there’s no polish required, and a foot scrub can do wonders for how he feels (and looks!)


The Signature Full Service at John Allan’s Men’s Grooming in New York, Toronto, and Beverly Hills $75-$85


This full service at the ultimate men’s spa includes a scalp massage, shampoo and conditioner, relaxing hot towel, hair-cut, manicure, shoeshine, and beverages to keep you relaxed throughout all the treatments. If your dad’s look could use an upgrade, this is the perfect place for him– he’ll get it all and he’ll get to relax the whole time.


Men’s Fitness Facial at Awakenings Nail Spa & Salon in New Windsor, New York $60


This facial is a great entry-level facial for any man who’s never gotten a facial before. Lasting only 40 minutes, the treatment is designed to soothe and hydrate skin, specifically for men who have irritated skin due to shaving, the environment, or stress. In addition to the soothing treatments, the service includes a deep pore cleansing, a light facial massage, and a mask to leave skin feeling refreshed.
No matter what treatment dad chooses this Father’s Day, he deserves a day of relaxation, a break from busy life, and a thank you for all that he does. Pick up a Spa and Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week today, and then search our directory to find a spa near you!

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