There’s a Sheet for Every Step of Your Beauty Routine

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The YesStyle BeautyLab

Imagine a speedier morning routine, with all your products coming in sheets. As they say, be careful what you wish for, because guess what? I discovered beauty essentials that do come in sheet form!

These products range from shampoos and soaps to deodorants and nail polish removers. They’re ideal for travel — especially for backpackers — and they save countertop space in your bathroom and vanity. Simple, minimalist and practical!

Facial Care

These Saborino masks from BCL do it all — cleansing, toning and moisturizing skin in a few minutes. The packs come in two versions — the Morning Mask and the Wake Up Sheet Morning Mask — with 32 sheets each in each pack. Perfect if you woke up late and have only minutes to spare for your morning routine. Just leave on skin for a few minutes and gently wipe all over face to remove excess sebum and dead skin. The sheets are infused with collagen, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and honey to nourish and moisturize skin.

Lather Up

Bringing soap bars or liquid soap to travel can be hassle sometimes, especially with baggage restrictions. Doing a pit stop at public restrooms but no soap for washing? These paper soap sheets and flakes solve that problem. The very thin sheets are rolled up or cut in cute shapes for easy dispensing.

Easy Cleansing

Stuck somewhere with no access to water or a bathroom? Remove the odor of sweat, smoke and other bad smells with these cleansing sheets that come in unscented and scented varieties like flowers, soap, fruits and more. These sheets can be used all over the body, including the underarms, legs and even feet, to feel fresh and clean again.

No Sweat

These deodorant sheets help prevent sweat from visibly soaking your underarms and staining your clothes. The single-use stick-on sheets come in scented and unscented variants, and in different colors so they’re unnoticeable under clothing. If you’re prone to sweating, these packs definitely come in handy!

Cool Down

Just in time for humid weather, these cooling sheets offer relief from the heat thanks to refreshing ingredients like peppermint. Kobayashi has cooling gel sheets for adults, kids and babies that help with bringing down fever and even soothe migraines. I used the Gatsby Ice Type Body Paper on a recent trip. The icy sensation lasted for a good hour or so.

Hair Care

Remove the smell of polluted streets or a sweaty workout from your hair with these dry shampoo sheets. No water required, these hair wipes help remove any surface dirt as well as oil and sweat residue from your locks.

Nail Care

No need to bring bottles of nail varnish removers and cotton pads! This nail enamel pack is small enough to be stashed in your bag at all times so you can switch nail colors instantly whenever the mood strikes. The nail polish sheet is double-sided to buff your nails to a healthy shine.


Source: There’s a Sheet for Every Step of Your Beauty Routine

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