Monday Beauty Map: How to Minimize Dark Circles

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Monday Beauty Map: How to Minimize Dark Circles

From crystal rollers to color-balancing powders, here’s what really works.

The thing about dark circles is you can sleep for days, drink tons of water, stay out of the sun and wear SPF religiously and still end up with those raccoon rings. How is this possible?! Dark circles often come down to genetics, diet and lifestyle, but if you want a quick solution to minimize the marks, consider this your go-to routine.

Fight dullness:

These cool eye patches contain niacinamide to brighten dark circles (remember to slather on SPF daily, too) and black charcoal powder to draw out impurities. Tip: store your patches in the fridge for an extra cooling benefit that helps bring down swelling and puffiness, as an added bonus (feels amazing, too).

Strengthen and tone:

Sometimes dark circles appear more prominent as the skin around your eyes starts to thin naturally with age. Rubbing on an eye cream with peptides strengthens delicate skin so it’s more resilient. And in our opinion, you’re never too young to start using an eye cream.

Perk up with powder:

The Buttercup shade of this color-balancing powder is specifically designed to mitigate darkness and shadows. Sweep a little under your eyes or layer it under foundation like a primer.

Conceal strategically:

Covering up purple spots with makeup is notoriously difficult. Concealer can often leave an ashy cast on your skin (which is almost worse than dark circles). But this natural pick comes in multiple shades and provides just enough coverage with light-reflecting minerals and moisturizing vitamin E. Apply four dots of the stick under each eye and then gently blend in with your fingers.

Roll with it:

This crystal roller comes with a smaller stone on one end, which is ideal for massaging the eye area to boost circulation and improve blood flow—all of which give you a healthy, well-rested glow. Try it morning and night for a relaxing self-care fix.


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