Midday Boost

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Midday Boost

Writer Véronique Lo | May 15, 2018

Take a well-deserved midday break at Cordis, Hong Kong’s Chuan Spa with their Lunch Escape package, available until June 30. You can choose from a selection of 30-minute spa treatments – those with stiffness from desk work will enjoy the Chuan Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage or Back Massage; soothe the soles and relieve aches with the Foot Massage; or give your complexion a revitalising boost with the Kerstin Florian Refresher Facial. After that, refuel with a three-course lunch at Alibi – Wine Dine Be Social. Have more time to spare? The package also includes a one-day Health Club pass which gives you access to the gym, fitness studio and rooftop pool.


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