Get The Most Out Of Your Sheet Mask

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In case you haven’t had a chance to experience it yet (if so, what are you waiting for?!?), let us be the first to tell you that our new Watermelon Glow Jelly Mask is all kinds of amazing. Not only does it have the same skin-saving watermelon extract as its sister products, but it does so in a super-cool way. The two-piece mask is made from fermented watermelon and natto gum, so it boosts exceptional ingredient penetration while also perfectly conforming to the skin. And while it’s fantastic for your skin on its own, if you want to go all in, there are a few easy ways to maximize your masking.

Here are the skincare steps you can take to make the most out of this melon.

Get A Clean Start

make prem safe meIn order to make sure your skin is ready and available to soak up the Watermelon Jelly Mask’s goodness, you need a blank slate. Opt for a foaming cleanser (as opposed to an oil-based one) such as Make Pr:em Safe Relief Cleansing Foam ($20), which not only removes makeup, but also wipes away grime, dirt, and bacteria without being harsh on even the most sensitive of complexions.

Smooth Things Over

Charcoal_The same rule above applies here: To ensure maximum absorption, all the pore gunk has got to go. And while a cleanser will remove the dirt on the surface, an exfoliant will help remove pesky dead skin cells that need to be detached manually  — with the added bonus of a brighter complexion. The innovative Whamisa by Glow Studio Charcoal Chai Tea Glow Pore Refining Glow Pads ($25) gently buffs away flakes and dry patches while activated charcoal purges pores of any excess sebum or oil.

Get An Added Beauty Boost

PINK_JUICE_1_SQUAREAn easy way to make your mask work overtime (without any effort) is to layer a concentrated serum, ampoule, or booster underneath. June’s Glow Gamechanger, our Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer ($39), weightlessly floods the skin with vitamins and hyaluronic acid — and also happens to be a great everyday serum for those who are on the drier side.

Eye On The Prize

22860761_1738452113127616_6495435322715799552_nUse a separate mask on the eye area. Not only is the idea of layering different sheet masks just fun, it’s also great when you’re looking for a full face treatment. The Wish Formula Bat Essence Eye Mask ($4) will make you feel like a comic-book hero (not to mention give you some serious Instagram content candy), but also treats the more delicate skin around the eyes with depuffing soybean and brightening licorice extract.

Roll With It

skin gymYou’ve maybe tried a facial roller before, but have you ever used it in tandem with a sheet mask? You should. With a tool like Skin Gym’s Rose Quartz Facial Roller ($28), you’re able to gently press the mask into skin, increasing the absorption of protective antioxidants and amping up the cooling and soothing effects of hero ingredient, centella asiatica. If your skin is red or inflamed — or just overheated, which is pretty much everyone in the summer — the roller-and-jelly-mask combo is going to change your life.

Seal The Deal

GlowRecipe_Whamisa_MoisturizingDoubleMistA full skin-care routine is a great thing, but all your efforts won’t be as efficacious as possible unless an occlusive or humectant-based product is used as your final step. These types of ingredients act as a barrier between the skin and the environment, locking in the mask’s benefits, but also helping to protect it from pollution, light, and other external factors. Ausome Moisturizing Mist ($38) contains inflammation-reducing rosewater and carrot seed oil, which coats the complexion and creates that barrier.

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