It’s Skin Babyface One-Step Base Lavender Pink Review

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I have made face primers an essential part of my makeup routine because recently I have started to notice some pores on my face which get accentuated by blush and highlighter. I have tried face primers from Smashbox and Benefit and they worked well for me, but I wanted to diversify, so bought this Lavender primer from the brand “It’s Skin.” I love Korean skincare products, but I am not a fan of their makeup products.

Its Skin Babyface One Step Base Lavender Pink tube

Product Description:
Lightweight makeup base is fortified with SPF 15 and comes in lavender and green tones to create a more even skin tone. Lavender works best on uneven, sallow skin while green helps cover up redness. The formula includes extracts from 7 different kinds of white flowers. It smoothens skin texture for makeup to last longer and look fresher.

My Experience with It’s Skin Babyface One-Step Base Lavender Pink:

I apply face primer after my skincare routine and sunscreen application. If it is moisturizing or oil based, I use it all over my face and even mix it with my foundation, but since this “Lavender” is meant for neutralizing skin tone, I specifically apply it the on the high points of my face where the yellow tone peaks through. I avoid it where the blue of my veins are visible.

Its Skin Babyface One Step Base Lavender Pink details at the back of the packaging

This product comes in a tube packaging and has the shape of a vintage, ointment tube, that is why the packaging looks appealing. The product is dispensed when the tube is squeezed. The packaging is cute, but not ideal for this type of a product which is not thick like a lotion, rather it is very runny and more than the required amount comes out while squeezing the tube.

Its Skin Babyface One Step Base Lavender Pink details on the packaging

The product is in the form of a runny lotion and resembles a body lotion rather than a base or a primer. It contains a long list of ingredients, but mostly contains varying compounds and polymers of dimethicone. It does not have the usual slippery texture of other face primers because it contains silicon-based products. It has a faint lavender tinge to it and is easy to spread but since it contains SPF, it has a white cast to it and that is visible even without flash photography. The SPG content is only 15 but the white cast resembles 50.

Its Skin Babyface One Step Base Lavender Pink

It is smooth and easy to spread but does not reduce the appearance of pores. The lavender tint is meant to neutralize the yellow under tone of skin and to reduce dullness too, but this primer does not do any such thing. Every flaw apart, if it had done what it was meant to do, I would have given good reviews to this product, but it failed to fulfil its purpose and that is why I think this product is not worth a buy.

Its Skin Babyface One Step Base Lavender Pink swatch on hand

Pros of It’s Skin Babyface One-Step Base Lavender Pink:

Comes in a cute tube packaging.
Two variants available – lavender to neutralize yellow and green to neutralize redness.
Not that expensive, generally available on discount.
Has a runny, lotion-like consistency, easy to spread.
No fragrance.
Does not break out skin or cause acne.
Contains SPF 15.

Cons of It’s Skin Babyface One-Step Base Lavender Pink:

Availability can be an issue for some but most Korean brands are available on so many websites that it is rather easier for consumers to buy them.
Terrible white cast, will not look appealing under bright lights.
Runny lotion-like consistency, more than required amount of product gets dispensed even without squeezing the tube.
Does not neutralize yellow under tones of skin.

Would I Repurchase It’s Skin Babyface One-Step Base Lavender Pink?
It is not a good makeup base and failed to serve its purpose. I do not recommend this product to readers and is not worth the buy.
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