How To Get Relief From Pain By Neck And Shoulder Massage

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Relief from pain with a massage at Shangri-La Spa.

The rise in technology has made our life easy but has also increased the stress in our life. Today, we all live in a zone where we are not only dealing with too much stress but leading an unhealthy life– exhausting us physically, putting a lot of pressure on our minds. The stress in our lives has reached a level where we need remedies to reduce it and conquer in order to survive. One remedy is getting relief from pain with a massage.

Stress is a common reason for neck and back pain. We raise our shoulders towards our ears when in stress. This puts a lot of pressure on the back and neck and often leads to a great amount of pain. A gentle neck massage can relieve the effects of stress.

How do you give a good massage?

First of all, clip and file the finger nails below the fingertips. The muscles of the neck are generally very small and they need to be pressed using fingertips for a good massage. Maintain a balance between the height of the massage table and person receiving massage so that he can rest his arms comfortably on it. Cup the base of the person’s skull in the left hand and rotate it gently with the palms of the left hands towards face. Keep the palm of the right hand on a point where the neck meets shoulder and press it gently in that area. Alternate left and right hands and repeat a minimum of five times. Create loose fists from both the hands and place each fist on the neck. Rotate the wrist forward and move the hands down to the top of the shoulders. Reverse the direction and repeat a minimum of five times. Make a circular motion with your fingers on the area where the neck meets the back. Repeat a minimum of five times. Rotate the head to the left by creating a base in your left hand. Form a fist with the right hand and run it in a circular motion. Finish the massage by gently placing your hands on the shoulders.

The neck and shoulder massage are given with a series of trigger points using thumbs, fingertips, palms, and fists. The therapist can also use flat warm massage stones to release the muscles, or cold stones in case of inflammation. Inflammation is one of the common causes of neck pain. Other causes include sleeping in the wrong direction, or position, or an abrupt wrong movement.

The combination of hot stone and cold stone massage therapy can be very helpful and shed neck pain and tension. The therapy will start with a massage to the shoulders, upper chest, and back of head. This also involves deeper pressure, usually at the base of the skull.

A person can also get relaxation by kneading techniques as it increases the blood flow which gives a relief in the pain. The techniques include gentle grasping and holding of the muscles for a few seconds at a time.

Another way to get a good neck massage on a regular basis is seated chair massage. You can get this massage at $15 for a 15-minute twice per week and $60 for an hour massage once per week. Also, work on your posture if you want your pain to be reduced as poor posture is a major culprit that causes neck pain. Start doing stretching exercises to get a relief from the pain.

If you feel that you are suffering from inflammation such as swelling, heat or irritation, use an ice pack. Use the pack within an interval of 15 minutes to avoid damage to the skin. Try keeping it on 15 minutes, off 15 minutes. In serious cases, consult your doctor.

One benefit of a neck massage is the release of muscles in the neck and shoulders. Such massage is also helpful for those people who suffer from tension headaches, eye strain, migraines, sinusitis, and chronic neck pain.

If you need a good massage then it is important for your therapist to understand neck massage techniques and how and where to work trigger points in those muscles to help you get a relief and prevent you from further serious muscle injuries.


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