Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Eye Liner Aurora Green Review

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Eyelid Type: Oily

Hello IMBBians,

Maybelline New York has recently come up with a new range of liquid liners, the Hyper Glitz Ink Liner range. These liners are glitter liners and as you all know I am a lot into glittery makeup items. So, I bought two shades from this range. I have got them in the shade “Aurora Green” and “Galactic Brown”. I will be reviewing the “Aurora Green” shade today. Let’s see if it has left its imprint as a glitter liner or not.

Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Eye Liner Aurora Green Review

Product Description:
Line your eyes in brilliant metallic color. The liquid liner features Micro fine glitters for ultra application while Film formula black base pigments makes it possible to wear alone.
1) Dark glitter liner in luminous shine.
2) Flexi-cushion tip for easy control.
3) Waterproof and smudge proof.
4) Intense black pigments.
Directions for use:-
Step 1. Draw smooth, even lines by starting at the inner corner of the upper eyelid
Step 2. Move the brush tip outwards.

INR 425 for 1.5 gm

My Experience with Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Eye Liner Aurora Green:

The Hyper Glitz Ink Liner range has a total of 5 glitter shades in this range- Black, Sapphire, Galactic Brown, Aurora Green and Gold. All the shades are party alike and it will be fun to play with them.

Packaging: Starting off with the packaging, The Maybelline hyper Glitz Ink Liner looks exactly similar to their Hyper Glossy liners but with a different packaging colour. This time the packaging is transparent form where it is possible to see the color of the shade with a long sleek cap over it. It is very petite in size which makes it really easy to carry around for travel purposes. Though the bottle is long, the jar containing the eyeliner is very tiny and the long size of the bottle is due to the long cap. The cap is designed perfectly to fit between the fingers for smooth and perfect application.

Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Eye Liner Aurora Green Packaging

It comes with a long handle and also has a cushion felt tip for clean and precise application. The bristles of the brush are soft, long and precise which tube into the way I want it to be applied, be it thin, thick or winged. The price I feel is a little high as for the quantity, but the quality justifies the case. Initially, the pencil comes packed in a cellophane wrapper to prevent tampering with the packaging. All the product details are written on the body of the cellophane wrapper itself. Overall, the packaging is sturdy and travel-friendly.

Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Eye Liner Aurora Green with Cap

Shade: The shade “Aurora Green” is a beautiful, bright subtle sea green and not too blingy but looks super gorgeous on eyes. The liner doesn’t look like glitter factory, but looks very much suitable for casual wear. The colour has a very glossy sheen to it which looks gorgeous post application.

Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Eye Liner Aurora Green Cap Openm

The eyeliners are very gorgeous and comprises of very finely milled glitter in a liquid gel base. I love the fact that the glitter is super fine and is not chunky at all. It shows up well on the eyes. It is really unique and will flatter all Indian skin tones. On days, when you get bored with blacks or browns, this liner can be applied to save your day. I love to own such glittery shades in my eyeliner collection. They are so perfect for evening parties. It just enhances the sassiness and gives a luminous appearance to the eyes in no time. I am happy that Maybelline is coming up with such new creations in eye makeup.

Pigmentation: The colour is medium pigment packed. Keeping the price value in mind, the pigmentation could have been more intense and but gives a very good colour payoff. Only one swipe is sufficient for a thin line. However, you can apply 2-3 swipes for building a more intense colour. You would not have to apply pressure for drawing the lines on your eyes. The formula is really great and the colour shows up well on the eyes. The formula is super easy to apply and the strokes are neat.

Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Eye Liner Aurora Green Bottle

Texture and Finish: True to the product description, the eyeliner doesn’t have matte finish, but it has glitter finish. This glitter finish stays till the time the eyeliner isn’t removed. It gives a very fresh look to the liner and it seems that the eyeliner is applied just now. The finish is not bang-on but very subtle and renders a beautiful metallic finish when it dries up completely. There is no gritty feeling during application.

Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Eye Liner Aurora Green Applicator

The texture of this eye pencil is extremely ultra-soft and smooth. It glides on smoothly like a dream without any pulling or tugging. The application is very smooth and even. The liner dries up in a few minutes as it has a glittery texture and after that it is totally smudgeproof. Avoid closing your eyes until it has dried up otherwise, the glitters will spread all over your crease area if rubbed. This is complete transfer-proof eyeliner once it sets well. It feels very comfortable on the eyes. It will never cause any irritation or sting your eyes. These liners are not waterproof and they peel off with time.

Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Eye Liner Aurora Green Hand swatch

The best part about this liner is that it is so versatile. It can be used in so many ways. You can draw thin lines for normal looks, winged lines for extra glam look or graphic lines for bold looks as per your needs. Since my eyes are quite sensitive, I have some trouble applying it on the waterline. Otherwise, it just works fine.

Staying Power: The staying power of this eyeliner is pretty okay. It stays for about 5-6 hours on the upper lash line without and smudging or transferring. However, as time passes away, the sheen reduces and if you rub your eyelids near the liner area, then it flakes off. So, they do create a mess around the eyes. This thing happens with other liquid liners from Maybelline as well.

Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Eye Liner Aurora Green Eye swatch

Since my eyes get watery, I have not applied it on my lower lash line. But, I can definitely say that it is a long-wearing eyeliner. Those who have oily lids, it is advisable to prime your lids with a loose powder or an eye primer for oil absorption and increased longevity of the liner. This liner comes off completely with any normal remover.

Overall: I feel that this is a great range to experiment if you love glitter liners. It is not very promising as a long-wear eyeliner, but it won’t let you down. It is definitely worth giving a try at this affordable price. These liners have a decent performance and do add a fun element to the bling game. If you love precise applications and liquid liners, then you can definitely go ahead to give this a shot.

Pros of Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Eye Liner Aurora Green:

Travel-friendly packaging.
Good colour selection.
A beautiful, bright sea-green colour with a subtle glittery finish.
The grip of the cap is perfect which gives a super perfect look.
The brush is convenient with thin and soft bristles which help in perfect application.
Peep though packaging.
Rich and intense pigmentation.
Does not take much time to dry down.
Suitable for all skin tones.
Gives a beautiful glitter finish.
Smooth and even application.
Great for parties.
Ophthalmologically tested.
Great for creating different types of lines.
Feels comfortable on the eyes.
Smooth formulation .
Does not sting or irritate the eyes.
Smudgeproof and transfer-proof.
Removal is easy.

Cons of Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Eye Liner Aurora Green:

Staying power is not very long.
Not waterproof and they do peel off with time.
Quantity provided is very less.
If you have oily lids, you need to prime your eyelids.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Eye Liner Aurora Green?
Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! I would definitely check out other shades from this range.

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