Kiko Skin Trainer Cream Review Price Photos India

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Finding the right cream can be a daunting task specially when you have dry and acne prone skin. I am in early thirties and quite actively using anti-ageing skincare products. The only challenge is that I like skin creams that are light but hydrating so that the dryness can be tackled. First sign of ageing includes dryness and it leads to dullness. I believe in investing in skincare so that you don’t have to use much makeup and be comfortable with the way skin texture looks. I have been loving Kiko products both makeup & skincare and loving the results. New addition to my routine are Kiko Skin Trainer Cream & Serum. I have been using the Kiko Skin Trainer Cream for more than a month now and thought of sharing my experience today-

Kiko Skin Trainer Cream Review Price Photos India

Kiko Skin Trainer Cream comes in a huge red colored plastic 50 ml jar. I LOVE the packaging, it looks rich & luxurious. The Jar feels heavy and sturdy. The frosted look is beautiful. Also the lid closes with a click which makes sure that there are no accidental leakage if you carry it with you.

What Brand Says

Face cream that promotes continuous hydration* and whips the skin into shape at all ages. An advanced concept of cosmetics “engineering” with active ingredients effectively combined to do the following:

  • moisturize the skin according to its needs;
  • revitalize the skin, whether young or mature, impeding the signs of ageing;
  • give the skin a healthy look;
  • protect the skin from harmful environmental factors.

The creamy, velvety texture envelops the skin, smoothing on easily. It’s a pleasure to apply, thanks to its delicate scent.The satin-finished glass bottle with its sleek design reflects Skin Trainer’s avant-garde properties and unique formula. Skin Trainer Cream is the ideal cosmetic solution for maintaining well-hydrated skin at all ages.Kiko Skin Trainer Cream Review Price Photos India

Texture & Formula – As you can see in the picture above the Kiko Skin Trainer Cream is light yellow in color with gel like texture. It consistency neither thick or water like, it feels velvety upon application. I am focusing more on keeping my skin hydrated so that the wrinkles can be delayed. I will develop wrinkles eventually but whats the harm in delaying them for couple more years? Hydrated skin look fresh, glowing & smooth.

Initially I used it only in the night with the Skin Trainer Serum but now using it twice daily. The Kiko Skin Trainer Cream doesn’t offer sun protection so additional sunscreen is required.

Formula is rich but not greasy or heavy so it keeps the skin moisturised with breaking it out. So it should work on all skin types. It is non-comedogenic and paraben free.

The price is quite high so look out for festival combos and sales and Kiko comes up with amazing deals and offers every now and then. I picked this cream and serum in a festival combo pack which was on 50% off. So In short I grabbed both for 3000 Rs which was a great deal indeed.


Kiko Skin Trainer Cream is priced at Rs 3100 For 50 ml, available in stores and online HERE




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