Indie Beauty Brand Spotlight: Frank Body

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Indie Beauty Brand Spotlight: Frank Body

Like everything in Aussie beauty line Frank Body, I too am powered by coffee! ☕

In fact, I’m completely non-functional without it (or at least something containing caffeine).

Frank Body has been around since 2013, packing their products with the mighty coffee bean. They’re available all over Australia now, as well as here in the US online. Their products have cheeky names, and they put funny quotes and pics on the packaging (there’s a doodle of a bum on the coffee scrub!). CUTE.

They remind me of Bliss, but with more coffee, and their most popular products are their exfoliating coffee scrubs…

Original Coffee Scrub ($16.95 for a 7.05-oz. bag)

Don’t keep this in the kitchen, because if you wake up extra woozy one morning, you might accidentally put it in the coffee maker! The coffee scent is that strong.

So, for the record, it’s a body scrub, not a stimulating beloved beverage.

For peeps who like a slightly aggro scrub, but aggressive in a most pleasant way, like doing a tough workout and not, like, getting your @ss beat in an underground fight club, this exfoliating, moisturizing scrub made from coffee grounds, salt, sugar and oils is pretty great (you also get a good amount of it for the price).

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