How to do the perfect blow-dry at home—tips from a celebrity hairstylist

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What do Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lopez have in common? Apart from the explicit contribution that they collectively make to our lives with their music, it’s that they’ve all, at some point, have entrusted their manes to the wizard of hairstyling, Laurent Philippon. The coiffeur was literally surrounded by inspiring individuals since birth—from his father, who owned a barber shop in a small town in the French Alps, to his mentor Alexander de Paris, whose classic techniques have been seen on celebrities like Brigitte Bardot and Jackie Kennedy; Philippon’s expertise is an amalgamation of very special experiences and influences that make his styling techniques unique. And of course, international Vogue covers, celebrity styling and awards followed as his career grew to unsurpassed levels. We caught up with Philippon between prepping for his first ever masterclass in India at the Make-up Designory Studio in Mumbai on June 1, to get in on some of his tricks. As expected, there’s a lot to learn. Scroll for the details.

The key to beautiful hair: the right tools!

“Always pick a flat brush over combs, plastic or metallic brushes,” says the maestro. Philippon likes the brushes from Mason Pearson and YS Park. “The way you brush your hair is very important—never start from the roots and go down; that’s a sure call for breakage. Always start from the end and go back [up] to the roots,” he explains.

Make conditioning a step-by-step ritual

“Rinse your shampoo really well and then apply conditioner all over. Make sure you take the bristle brush with you in the shower, because you need to brush your conditioner into your hair to really let it reach every part of your strands. After rinsing, towel-dry your hair, then take a little bit of conditioner in your palm, rub your palm, then apply it all over your hair. This time, don’t wash it off—let it stay as it is going to nourish your hair and help keep it untangled. Just ensure it’s applied on damp hair, and in very little quantity,” says Philippon.

Here’s how to blow-dry at home without looking like your hair just had a frizz fit

Philoppon suggests using the Dyson hairdryer, as it doesn’t heat up like the others and is still powerful, so you can get dry hair faster. “Again, use a bristle brush to blow-dry your hair. Do it in sections—you can even take big sections depending on the style you’re going for—straight or wavy. I would recommend blow-drying your hair straight with a flat brush, and if you want to get a little wave in it, make four to six braids, or more based on the thickness of your hair, then heat up those braids with a flatiron. When you untie, you’ll have beautiful soft curls, which looks more natural and cooler,” suggests Philippon.

Why parting your hair right makes all the difference

Side or centre—where you part your hair can make or break your look. “To me, wearing a centre part for a daytime hairstyle is cooler, and makes you look younger. It’s more womanly, more sophisticated and more glamorous to wear it on the side. Personally, I like really straight parts; they’re more mastered, and make you look more confident and sure of yourself.”

Finally, don’t try too hard

“When a girl turns up at a party and she looks like she’s spent hours doing her hair and makeup, I don’t find it very cool. You could have spent hours in your bathroom preparing yourself, but the key is that it shouldn’t show.” Just like his waves with braids trick—the curls don’t look like they were done up at a salon, and only you know it took you some effort to get them right.

Organised by Leap India Institute, Laurent Philippon’s workshop will take place on Friday, June 8, 2018 from 10am to 1pm, and will be followed by a workshop from 3pm to 5pm at MUD Studio, Mumbai. Address: 1st Floor, Notan Chambers, Turner Rd, Bandra West, Mumbai

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