Protecting Your Lash Extensions: Know the Facts!

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If you’re one of the many millions of women who have thrown aside the makeup and made lash extensions a part of your beauty arsenal, congratulations! There’s nothing quite like waking up every morning to the sight of perfect eyelashes. However, if you’re new to the lash extension scene, chances are that you may still have questions about how to get the most out of your new extensions. Fortunately, we have the tips you need to protect your new eyelash extensions and ensure that you always look and feel your best.

Listen to your lash technician! When your lashes are applied, you’ll be provided with certain aftercare instructions – don’t get them wet for the first 24-hours, avoid excessive heat and humidity, and so on. Pay careful attention to those instructions and follow them to the letter, as they’re intended to give your extensions time to properly adhere to your natural lashes.
Watch the bad lash habits. Are you one of those women who pulls on her lashes, or can’t stop rubbing her eyes? Well, it’s time to change those habits! In fact, you should keep your fingers out of your eyes as much as possible to avoid weakening the extension bond. That will help to ensure that your lash extensions stay connected to those natural lashes – and maximize their life cycle.
Clean them daily. While you want to avoid water for the first day after an appointment, you will want to get those extensions wet every day from that point on. Why? It’s simple: dirt, oils, and debris will build up in your lashes over time, so you need to cleanse them daily to prevent irritation or bacterial infection. Use a mild cleanser, and gently work with the lashes to get them clean.
Watch how you sleep. If you like to sleep on your face, it’s time to consider a new way to rest. Try to train yourself to sleep on your back, to ensure that your lashes don’t come loose in the middle of the night. If necessary, sleep with pillows beside you to prevent you from rolling over on your face.
Skip the mascara and the curler. Your new lash extensions will provide lush, dark, and perfectly curled lashes – the type you’ve always dreamed of having. The fact is that you probably won’t need mascara, and certainly won’t need a curler.
Get refills every few weeks. The best way to maximize your lash extension life cycle is to get fill-ins every two weeks or so. We all lose several lashes a day due to natural shedding, and eventually that leaves noticeable gaps in our lash lines. Regular refills can touch-up those extensions and keep them looking their best.

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Source: Protecting Your Lash Extensions: Know the Facts!

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