Must Know Tips And Tricks For Sweat Proof & Summer Proof Makeup

Must Know Tips And Tricks For Sweat Proof & Summer Proof Makeup

Summer is here. Thankfully though its not as hot as it was last year this time of the year. But anyways I am sure the temperature will catch in no time. Last year when I shifted to Gurgaon, my skin went into shock I suppose, due to the fact that it was the first time I was exposed to such extreme climactic conditions. The point is that I had to adjust my makeup routine for this hot hot hot weather and now I can enjoy makeup even during summer months. The key is to follow certain steps. I am sure you will find these tips and tricks for sweat proof & summer proof makeup that will last all day helpful. So lets get started. 🙂

If you stay in a place where its terribly hot and the temperature keeps rising everyday to new heights and you struggle to keep your makeup in place or try to avoid doing your makeup altogether then these tips for making your makeup stay longer will surprise you and make you very happy.

There is a video you can watch where I have demonstrated these makeup tips and tricks and you can see how matte my face looks and trust me my makeup stayed all day like that.

Lets start on how you can make your makeup last all day.

  1. Don’t skip the primer

makeup primer

Use a good matte primer during summer months. We are going to sweat might as well postpone the process as much as we can. I have used the NYX Photo Loving primer here. Use a primer on the areas where you get oily first and then proceed to the rest of your face. Dont skip this step though.

Product Recommendation : NYX Photo loving primer


  1. Apply Powder before applying powder.

translucent powder

I might sound crazy but I am not, just apply your powder with a damp sponge and apply very little powder all over your face but first where you normally get oily. Gently press the powder onto the skin.

Product Recommendation :  NYX HD Translucent powder 

You can buy from NYKAA HERE

  1. Use makeup setting spray before you begin with your foundation.

makeup setting spray

I know I know too many steps even before the foundation has gone on your face. But trust me on this. There are 2 ways you can do this.

First is to spritz some setting spray onto your beauty sponge and then buff your foundation like you normally would.

Second is to apply the setting spray on your face and then lightly dab it into the skin using the beauty sponge.

Product Recommendation :  NYX Matte Makeup Finishing spray

Buy from NYKAA here 

  1. Apply thin layer of foundation.

powder products

You don’t have to skip foundation in summer months, specially when you need the overage. Not all of us are blessed with good skin, so there might be times but you have to wear foundation, choose a foundation with medium to build-able coverage. Then apply a thin layer all over your face. Apply the second coat only on the areas where you need the extra coverage, else just one thin layer is good.

Product Recommendation : Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Available on NYKAA HERE

  1. Use cream concealer for summer time

cream concealer for summer

I always do this, liquid concealers for winter months and cream concealers for summer months. Cream concealers glide easily in summer months but still have a better pull than liquid concealers hence they tend to crease less compared to a liquid concealer. So opt for cream concealers during summer months.

Product Recommendation :  KIKO Milano Full coverage cream concealer (This product is not available online)

  1. Powder is your best friend

Powder is your best friend in summer months. Always keep one in your handbag to touch up. Also opt for powders that have coverage. Case in point MAC Studio Fix Powder. People shy away from this because it gets cakey. The problem is not the powder , the problem is the brush.

Choose a correct brush , one that is big enough to cover a large area at once and at the same time it is dense enough so that it doesn’t pack too much product at once. WISE SHE BRUSH is a very good example of something that is perfect for summer time. Its light so it’ll distribute the product nicely all over the face. Its also easy to touch up with this brush .

Product Recommendation :  MAC Studio Fix Powder

Available on Amazon here 

WISE SHE  Cheek, Contour and Brush

Available on Amazon here 

8. Avoid cream contouring

Its a good idea to skip cream contouring during summer months, if you must do cream contouring then choose a product that sets quickly, and on to a matte finish. Best to avoid cream contouring during summer months.  Same goes for cream blush, its best to stick to matte and satin finish blush for summer months.

Product Recommendation :  Palladio Matte Bronzer


Read the article on best contour products in India to know which powder products you can use for that bronzed and contoured look during the summer months.

  1. Waterproof is the way to go

waterproof gel liner

Instead of using liquid liners that are not waterproof, and same with mascaras, try to choose a gel eye liner if you are comfortable with them or else use a waterproof eyeliner.

Same goes for mascaras, use a waterproof mascara that will last all day and will also keep the lashes curled all day.


Product Recommendation:

Available on NYKAA HERE

  1. Setting spray is your BFF

Once you are done with your base makeup , spray your face with makeup setting spray which will hold your makeup in place for a longer period of time. I would also suggest you to use a matte setting spray, especially during the day time when it tends to be hotter, if you want some glow to the skin I would suggest use a powder highlighter rather than a glowy facial spray.

Product Recommendation : NYX Matte makeup finishing spray

Available on NYKAA HERE

The point is to mix up the same products in a way that you maximize the use from them and also you are able to enjoy makeup during the hot summer days. We just need to tweak our makeup routine to suit the environment around us. I am so glad I discovered this routine for myself and it has truly made a lot of difference in my summer makeup routine.  Try these tips and tricks for sweat proof and summer proof makeup that will last all day and let us know your experience in the comments below.

Have you tried any of these products before?






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