4 Minute Morning: My Quick 6-Step K-Beauty Routine

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How long does it take to do a multi-step Korean beauty product routine? A lot less time than I thought, as it turns out. Gone are the old days of lazy 20+ minute AM routines, where I could leisurely apply layers of products between answering emails and sipping my coffee.My AM routine now consists of potty dancing in front of my mirror as I slap on products while my puppy chirps and whines to be let out of her crate. It’s easy to slap on a bunch of products as fast as possible, but it’s trickier to have them absorb in time for your sunscreen to safely adhere to your face.Fast K-Beauty morning routineIt’s fast, it’s fervent, it’s done on a full bladder: it’s my 3 minute and 47 second K-Beauty morning routineIt’s also as hot and humid AF right now, which means my sunscreen wants to slide into my eyes as soon as I step out the door, resulting in me staggering around my yard trying to wipe my burning, streaming eyes like a freshly maced frat boy. I need my products in place and locked down against the summer heat, and that’s a lot harder to do in the time it takes for the puppy to lose patience and start chewing her bed.

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It’s all in the timing; a simple change made a big differenceWhich 6 steps are necessitiesA full face with +2 minutes extraTrying to get all this stuff done in stages, in between her AM potty break and AM playtime, just wasn’t working for me. Instead of popping outside in a hat, doing the thing, and zipping back indoors for my next step, anything less than a fully ready face resulted in me chasing her around the yard trying to dig rocks, sticks, and occasionally my shoe out of her mouth, without sun protection. Hat + chasing down a speedy tinydog = unplanned sun exposure.Necessity was the mother of inventing a workable AM routine so fast I decided to time it to see just how long it took for me to roll out the door, ready for puppy potty & playtime in the summer sun.Read more ยป

Source: 4 Minute Morning: My Quick 6-Step K-Beauty Routine

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